ABC Goals

Akagi Bible Camp is one of the facilities operated by the Japan Covenant Church. The following five concepts represent the main purposes and goals of our camp facility:

 1. A Place of Decision

From the very start, Akagi Bible Camp was envisioned to be a place where people, whether children or adults, would be challenged with the opportunity to make a decision for Christ. This remains one of the chief goals of our efforts. A camp setting offers unique opportunities for sharing the gospel and building relationships. While relaxation and fun continue to be natural results of a well- planned camping experience, the main focus of all of our programs is to direct people toward a real encounter with Jesus Christ.

2. A Place of Training and Learning

One of the purposes of Akagi Bible Camp is to provide a place within the NSKK (Japan Covenant Church) for Christian nurture and leadership training. While Akagi Bible Camp may be a place of decision for newcomers it is also our prayer that it would be a place for the training up of young leaders within our denomination. Those who participate as kitchen and grounds staff, as well as those who serve as counselors, receive important training that is often impossible on the local church level. While our NSKK use of the facility is still fairly limited, we envision a place where churches and groups can come for church retreats, seminars, discipleship training and a variety of other programs which would provide opportunity for leadership training among our NSKK members.

3. A Place of Retreat

In the past, we have limited our use of the facility to a fairly short summer camping season in which we have offered 3 or 4 camps to various age groups. With our present facility, budget, and management, this is all that we were able to do. However, one of the new goals that we would like to work for would be to make Akagi Bible Camp a place of retreat for both NSKK members as well as for Christians of other groups that would like to use the facility. With renovations to our camp site we would be able to offer a year-round place where small groups, families, or individuals could come to simply rest, pray and retreat from their normal schedules.

 4. A Place of Identity

Akagi Bible Camp has played an important part in the faith of many NSKK people. It has and continues to be a “place” for the building of NSKK identity, to help clarify what it means to be a part of our denomination. It continues to be one of the few places where NSKK people can come together on a regular basis. We believe this is one of the important purposes of maintaining our camp facility and camping program.

 5. A Place of Challenge for Global Mission

Our prayer is that ABC would be a place where many would be challenged to commit themselves to world wide mission and ministry. We pray that God would allow us to play a part not only in challenging people for world mission but in actually sending them as missionaries.