A Rainy Day in the Mountains

Today marked the official start of the 2014 summer camping season. Japanese schools have just started their summer break and for the next six weeks we will be seeing lots of action here at ABC.

Our co-workers, Shimon and Yumiko Seino arrived well after midnight last night after dropping off their three little ones with the grandparents, so we left the porch light on and found them sound asleep in our guest room this morning.

We began the day with a time of worship and were joined by friends from Tokyo who were passing thru and wanted to see our new home. We aren’t planning to have Sunday worship here every week, but hope to do so on occasion. What a joy it was to be joined by others for a thanks-filled time of worship.

The Body of Christ in Akagi

The Body of Christ in Akagi

The next few hours were filled with countless last minute preparations for our first camp. Right on schedule, the campers arrived at 2:30PM and it wasn’t until about 9PM this evening that we finally had a chance to sit down and catch our breath. This group of campers are from a single church in the city of Annaka, about an hour and a half away. They are officially calling it an elementary camp but there are several Jr./Sr. high students and adults as well. It is only a two day camp, which is probably good for us as a sort of warm-up. Most camps are 3-4 days. I’m happy to report that the first meal and all the activities of the afternoon and evening went smoothly. It was raining this evening so the campfire got moved indoor and became a candle-light gathering.

Evening Sharing Time

Evening Sharing Time

Indoor version of the campfire

Indoor version of the campfire

Please remember ABC in your prayers. We are off to a great start and look forward to many blessed days on this mountain top!

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