Getting Ready for the 2013 Season!

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted on this blog…. but here goes!

Because our camp is at 1400 meters on top of Mt. Akagi it gets shut down from around the middle of November until the middle of April. It’s pretty much a winter landscape with COLD temperatures and wind. Part of the reason for closing things down is because we have old buildings that aren’t really well insulated with old plumbing that isn’t really set for the kind of temperatures up here…. and part of this is because we don’t have full time staff to manage the facility. But each year come spring…. we open things up and get ready for the summer season. And that time is coming up pretty soon!

Watch this space for reports as we open things up and prepare for the blessings of another summer at ABC! Thanks for praying for us and for abundant fruit…. that God would use all of our efforts here at ABC.

The video below is from our archives – footage shot in March of 2003 and edited in May of that spring. It was made in order to show campers in our North American Covenant Camps what ABC was like. While it’s sort of a blast from the past – a lot has changed around here – it will give you an idea of what our “off season” is like and what it will be like as we “open things up” in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

About abcjapan

A camping facility operated by the Japan Covenant Church (NSKK).
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