Planting Fruit-Bearing Trees…

Folks from the Fukasawa Church planting trees at ABC. (Missionary Jay Haworth also pictured)

A group of children and adults from the Fukasawa Church in Tokyo came to use our camp facility this summer for their annual family camp (August 10-12). They have been regular visitors to ABC for many years and we always enjoy having them come. Last year they gave us an offering for the purpose of helping us tear down our oldest section of the camp. It was fun this week to be able to show them the result of that “de-construction” last Fall and to have them see the new open land where the building once stood.

This year they brought us 7 trees to plant around the camp. “Planting” and “fruit-bearing” was part of the theme for their camp and it was also a gift to ABC. On the first afternoon we all chose the spots and planted the trees – two apple trees, a chestnut tree, two persimmon trees, and one silverberry tree. To be honest, the conditions are not very hopeful for any of these species on top of Mt. Akagi (1400 meters) with bitter winter temperatures and snow. But who knows?? We hope and pray that some may survive and flourish!

And they are a wonderful reminder of our friendship and bond with the Fukasawa Church. Here’s a short video:

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