Not Much Time Left…

Every year it feels like a struggle to get up the mountain, open up the camp, try to air out the old moldy buildings, and get a few “must-do” tasks completed before the season starts. Of course, this was not true when we had full time staff at the camp…but we’re now in our third summer of trying to keep it all going on a volunteer basis.

But God is good and our weather today is fantastic!  That’s a good thing because on our last three visits to camp we’ve hit rain. At 1400 meters on top of Mt. Akagi the weather is very changeable so to get blue skies today was a blessing.

About 15 adults and kids are here today… some are staining the fences and gate, a few are working inside at general cleaning and meal prep, and a few of us are working outside trying to get a window framed in and some siding on. After we tore down the old building last fall, which  was connected to this main building, we had a “hole” that needed to be repaired. A new window, some pieces of siding, and a bit of paint will put us back in business. We don’t have particularly attractive buildings at our camp but we make up for that with the splendid beauty of the natural surroundings!

This was the sunset last night from near ABC:

Here’s a brief video of some of the action today:


About abcjapan

A camping facility operated by the Japan Covenant Church (NSKK).
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