Saying goodbye to the “Kyu-kan”

The “kyu-kan” (meaning the “old” or “former” building) is the name we use to describe the oldest building on the ABC site. In reality it was connected to the “hon-kan” or “main building” by a hallway and set of stairs, which in turn is connected to the “shin-kan” or “new building” by way of a covered walkway on both first and second floors. I’m not sure who started this way of naming and referring to the different buildings but it has been in use ever since I was a child. In reality ALL the buildings are old. In fact, the “kyu-kan” was old when we purchased the camp in the early 60’s. And while we keep remodeling and trying to repair portions of the camp, it was time to say goodbye to this oldest building.

A couple years ago “tearing down the Kyu-kan” was actually part of a project that we had received offerings for from many campers at our Covenant Camps in North America. We’re a little behind schedule but are finally moving ahead. Tearing this portion down will allow us to open up a bit more space on our land for other uses as well as to move forward in “beautifying” our site a bit.

Last Friday (Oct. 14th) I made a quick trip up to the camp from Tokyo to check on the progress. Sato Construction Co. of Shibukawa had been contracted for the demolition. When I got there they were in full swing. In beautiful fall weather they were busy sorting debris and loading trucks. We are told that the work will be done by Monday, the 17th so we look forward to being back up there to witness the completion of this project.

We praise God for His faithfulness in providing this old building to us for all these years. Now we seek God’s continuing guidance as we move forward with new projects. Take a look at this video for a brief visual report:

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