A Surprise Visit…

As well as our own Covenant camps, ABC hosted three other groups in August. A church from the Tokyo area came up and enjoyed our facilities for a family camp. Another Evangelical Free church in the Saitama area brought 30 elementary-aged children for a wonderful camp. Finally, a denomination that has several churches in the Gunma area held a camp at ABC for about 30 of their college-ministry group. In each case, we experienced God’s strength and help as we provided delicious meals and helped around the edges with their programming needs…. and it appears that these campers had a really great time at Akagi Bible Camp as well. Thank you Lord!

We also had a surprise visit from Ken and Mie Tsuruki and their son Towa. Ken Tsuruki served as our camp manager for two years from April of 2008 until March of 2010. They came up to Mt. Akagi with Mie’s parents just to look around, see the area again, and stop in to take a peek at what was going on at ABC. It was fun to spend a couple hours together.

Andrea Johnson with Ken and Mie Tsuruki. (Hannah Park, Towa Tsuruki, and Sky Johnson in front…)

It just so happened that when Tsurukis arrived at the camp Pastor Kogure, another former manager, and his daughter Akari were also visiting. Here Towa gets reacquainted with his good friend Akari after almost 2 years.

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A camping facility operated by the Japan Covenant Church (NSKK).
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