A look at ABC during the off season

Pastor Kogure, who used to be the camp manager for many years and now helps out as a board member made a trip up to the camp facility this week.  He sent me a few of the photos to let us all know how things were doing up there. We have been without a full time manager or any staff on site for over a year now and so we try to take a few trips up during the winter months just to check on things and have a look around. Here are a few of his photos. Looks like it was a beautiful sunny day.

Coming over the top of the mountain and now descending down the other side as we approach the lake and camp. Straight ahead you can see Mt. Kurobi, the highest peak on Mt. Akagi at 1,850 meters.
Here’s how the entrance to the camp looked in January. Funny how that beautiful white snow makes these old dilapidated buildings look sort of inviting! (They are inviting but probably mostly because we just love the place so much…)
Here’s a slightly expanded view of the front of the camp. Now you can see Mt. Komagatake in the background, another of the Mt. Akagi peaks.
During a “walk around” this broken section of the fence was found. Something to repair when the snow disappears.
Here’s a shot of the main lake, called Onuma, or literally, “the big pond / marsh”. It freezes over each winter for a couple of months.
There are a few stores down by the waterfront. During the winter they are only occasionally open on weekends. Here you can see the snow removal tractor is still on the job.
Here’s where we rent row boats during the summer. Looks a bit too cold for that now. Lots of ice fishing though.

Well that about wraps it up for this check of the ABC camp site. Thanks Pastor Kogure for the great photos!

About abcjapan

A camping facility operated by the Japan Covenant Church (NSKK).
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