Tearing stuff down…

For a couple years now, we’ve planned to tear down the oldest section of the camp. It’s a building made up of 1st and 2nd floors, several rooms with tatami mats, old creaky windows that are about to fall out… you get the picture. Getting rid of this building will also open up some much needed space on our small camp site.

However, it’s a big enough structure that you can’t just show up with a crowbar and do it yourself easily. There is also the problem of disposing of the building materials, which is quite tough in a prefectural park and also tends to cost money. Long story short, we decided to just tear down the section which is connecting the two buildings. The roof line is causing a lot of water damage / leaking to the portion of the building that we are hoping to keep. So while this is just a “temporary fix” to get us through the winter it’s a good step to take. Come next year, we’ll hopefully be able to finish the job by totally eliminating the oldest section, and doing some re-siding, painting and repairs to the opening that will be left in the main building.

On October 18th the board members – Kogure, Hiyoshi, Watanabe, Mitsui, and yours truly – Johnson – headed up to the camp for a day of swinging hammers and tearing stuff down. The weather was beautiful, as you can see from the video clip, and we actually had quite a bit of fun. Cleaning up the mess we made definitely turned out to be a lot more work than just tearing it down though!

Now we’re looking forward to finishing the job next spring…

About abcjapan

A camping facility operated by the Japan Covenant Church (NSKK).
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